The Boston Society of Vulcans strives to be the most trusted and effective community-based, non-profit organization devoted to the recruitment of minorities into the fire service, education of at-risk populations in prevention awareness, and contribution of charitable services.


Founded in 1969, the Boston Society of Vulcans of Massachusetts (Vulcan Society) (an organization of Black and Latino firefighters) is a community-based non-profit organization comprised of Boston firefighters and local civilians who work together to empower urban Boston residents to pursue public safety careers and to promote knowledge and safety skills through prevention education programs and resources. Our goals are met through a focus on four key objectives:

  1. Supporting diversity in public safety agencies through recruitment programs and services.
  2. Promoting healthy neighborhoods through injury prevention and safety/wellness education, through partnerships that help to expand resources.
  3. Provide as many residents possible, in high risk communities with a tool kit of skills that direct them to be prepared and to respond to, and avoid preventable injuries and deaths.
  4. Positively alter residents attitudes about their safety & preparation needs and the hazards that may exist in their environments and potential disasters that can occur.

The Boston Society of Vulcan's and other similar organizations, were founded to meet the recruitment needs of candidates of color into the fire service. In addition, once the organizations had grown in size, they would further exist to promote charitable activities, and assist in meeting the public safety needs of growing and diverse inner city populations. As a result, many of the Black Firefighter Organizations today provide to high risk, disadvantaged & youth communities, training and education on Fire Safety, CPR, First Aide, Bike Safety, Car Seat Safety, Injury Prevention, Disaster Preparedness, Violence Prevention, Mentor Programs, Employment Training, and more.........


February 2018

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